translated from Spanish: UAS highlights coordinated work to tackle pandemic

The coordinated work and the excellent linkage between the different governmental, health institutions and the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), are the factors that have allowed to face the current pandemic in the state, so it was evident during the Round Table entitled “A year of shared work against the COVID-19 pandemic”. This event was organized by Casa Rosalina to share the actions of promotion, prevention, attention and linkage that the University has maintained with health institutions in the state, with society in general and also with Santander University, to publicize the situation in which the pandemic is located in Sinaloa and the effort that has been made to face it.
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The Rector, Dr. Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera, led this event in which was attended by the delegate of Federal Programs, engineer José Jaime Montes Salas; Universia Santander CEO Arturo Cherbowski Lask; Secretary of State Health, Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres; ISSSTE delegate Dr. Marcial Silva Gómez; and on behalf of IMSS delegate Dr. Tanya Clarissa Medina López.

Round table.

Guerra Liera recounted the actions implemented at the University, even before the start of the pandemic, and emphasized that the health contingency in the country tested not only the will of a new federal government, but the will and disposition of Mexicans. Having started the vaccination phase speaks well that there is coordination, that the only prominence we have collectively is to work to safeguard the health of The Sinaloans,” the Rector opined in making recognition of the efforts of the authorities and institutions present at the event and that they have made it in an environment of coordination that has allowed progress in this fight against COVID-19. The Rector referred to the actions that the University will continue to carry out, such as moving forward with the classes and continuing to be perfected in their work.” What’s next for college? redouble efforts, maintain the academic process, increase coverage, remain one of the best options, diversify and maintain the cultural aspect, as well as attention to the emotional aspect and also socially support that universities are active, on the move, that the resource that comes to university is accrued, that we still fulfill in these difficult situations with the call that society makes not only to educate its children , but also to be in solidarity and coordinate with the authorities in order to minimize, as far as possible with the actions, the effects of the pandemic,” he said. Guerra Liera, a year after the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Sinaloa, called on the health authorities to continue working and assuming the commitment as before, and thanked them for being in line with the University.
“The Autonomous University of Sinaloa is at the foot of the canyon, it is an ally that is participating with what we have within reach, we hope to be able to discover more areas of opportunity in which we too are working with you,” he said.

The call is for us to stick together, let us show how when there is an urgent issue of the highest level everything disappears and the coincidences, responsibility and empathy with society are magnified, but above all to say that in the case of Sinaloans and Mexicans we trust in our institutions and individuals and we must continue to work it Emphasized. For his part, Universia Santander Executive Director Arturo Cherbowski Lask outlined how they have supported universities in the country to deal with the pandemic, and “applauded” their heroic efforts to continue their substantive functions and put their resources into addressing this global crisis; as an example of this he cited the UAS, one of the first to raise its hand to manufacture and distribute inputs and to make availableultrafreeze for vaccine protection. The delegate of Federal Programs, José Jaime Montes Salas, gave the data on the vaccines that have been received and implemented in Sinaloa, and recognized the coordination and support of casa Rosalina that in addition to other actions has provided volunteers for vaccination, and in addition to reporting the supports to revive the economy of the state and the country, asked the Sinaloians not to despair as the entire population will be vaccinated. In turn, the Secretary of State Health, Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, highlighted the interdisciplinary way in which the pandemic has been addressed and where the UAS has always been present and weighed that close coordination with this study house; He also reported that hospital occupation was never oversteerned in Sinaloa and warned that the pandemic continues and will continue for about another year, so he asked the population to continue to take care of themselves because the vaccine is only a preventive tool. ISSSTE delegate Dr. Marcial Silva Gómez recognized the training that the UAS has been conducting from health personnel for the management of COVID-19 patients, and considered that training will be a challenge that will remain in place, and also agreed that the vaccine is an excellent protection tool but does not replace the use of mouth covers, hand washing and keeping healthy distance. The representative of the IMSS Delegation, Dr. Tanya Clarissa Medina López, said that the various health institutions were all a great family and that had allowed us to come together with excellent results so that the pandemic was being well controlled in Sinaloa and also invited the population to continue to take care of themselves.

Original source in Spanish

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