translated from Spanish: Zamora’s Lomas Cathedral suffered severe theft and destruction

During the early morning of this Tuesday the Cathedral Of Our Lady of Peace of Lomas de Zamora suffered an attack of vandalism that resulted in theft and destruction of the establishment. The report by the ecclesiastical authorities reported that the aggressors desecrated the Sacrament where the Blessed Sacrament is kept, stolen crowns from the image of the Virgin of Peace and the Child Jesus and destroyed the cross of the parish cinerary adjoining the temple.

In turn, they asked the faithful “an hour of Adoration of the Most Holy as a form of reparation for what happened” and a mass of relief for the desecration on Friday, March 19 that will be presided over by the diocesan bishop, Archbishop Jorge Lugones SJ. On the other hand, it was reported that traces of what happened were inspected by staff of the Scientific Division of the Bonaerense Police.





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