translated from Spanish: Alleged reporter knelt before AMLO to give him the floor

Mexico. – Today during the morning press conference, a supposed reporter knelt before the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asking him for the floor at his press conference.
In the National Palace the representative had been answering a question for several minutes, a man claiming to be a journalist from Tamaulipas, knelt before the President to ask him to give the floor, but the representative asked him to get up.
The president, López Obrador, said he was getting longer with his response because «they were issues that interested him.» «Stand up, I’ll listen to you… I’m going to listen to you. It’s just that this is my interesting, everyone is entitled and there is time for everyone… there is more time than life.»
The alleged reporter got up and went back to his place. Minutes later, President López Obrador gave him the floor. The alleged reporter didn’t say he half attended and had his press badge flipped over.
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The man justified his action by saying that he comes from Tamaulipas and has only the right to go to the morning once a month. «Excuse me, I come from Tamaulipas and it is very difficult that from Tamaulipas we come here the journalists, and because I have only once participation. So what was happening was going to go away without taking the floor,» he said.

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