translated from Spanish: Bresh Party lands in Miami this Saturday, March 6

If we had to make a list of people or organizations that made us the most enjoyable quarantine, it is infallible to name the Bresh Party, that during the isolation by the coronavirus and its living on Instagram they grew to exponential levels and that, thanks to this, has enormous news to give. And this Saturday 6 at 7pm, the Bresh will do its first international show of the year. This time it will be in nothing more and nothing less than in Miami, Florida, after traveling all over the country arriving in provinces like Cordoba and Santa Fe.
While this is going to be the first international show of the year, it will become the third in its entire history: in 2019 they visited Uruguay and Ecuador and, in 2020, they had plans to tour Europe, although they were postponed by the pandemic.» We always saw Bresh as a festival that could become international, that could be developed anywhere, in any culture, because we handle the universal language of well-being, dance, partying, encounter. It was very good news that you could travel all the way to Miami,» Broder, a DJ and Bresh producer, said of this news. Like all its shows in Argentina during the pandemic, the concert in Miami will be under all the health and safety protocols necessary for its correct realization: «From now on, it will be with all the legal conditionings that make the party a totally safe and careful event. That’s critical,» Broder said, «You can get your tickets to the Bresh Party in Miami by clicking here.

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