translated from Spanish: Chapecoense survivor saved in another accident in Bolivia

“When I went out to cats I sat down, I saw my knee bleeding. Again, I can’t believe it,” Edwin Tumiri said after saving himself from the worst road accident that happened so far this year in Bolivia.
The aviation mechanic was one of 51 passengers of the bus that rushed to a ravine of 150 meters in the Cañadón, a mountain range of deep ravines that links the city of Cochabamba – in the Andean valleys – with Santa Cruz in the eastern plains.
In the accident, 21 people were killed and 30 injured, including a 30-year-old man who escaped death for the second time: Tumiri was a mechanic on the Bolivian plane that crashed on November 28, 2016 near Medellin on which the Brazilian Chapecoense football team was travelling. In that tragedy, 71 of the 77 passengers died.
At that time Chapecoense was going to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana against Atlético Nacional that was directed just by Reinaldo Rueda, a former Chilean national team. Although they were the favorites, after the accident the crown remained for the Brazilian painting.
Returning to what happened in Bolivia, from a bed in a hospital in the city of Sacaba, in the center of the country, Tumiri told the newspaper Opinión that he slept in a back seat when he felt a blow. “I woke up, people were screaming. I grabbed the front seat, fit in well and felt the bus flipping until we got to the ground. I was just stunned.”
According to the doctor who treated him, tumiri’s knee wound didn’t affect the bone. “He is stable, conscious and calm, ” said the Galen Cristian Rivera.
“Thank God he was once again saved. He told me it’s okay. The Lord takes care of us and has its times,” said Lucia Tumiri, sister of the aviation mechanic. Of Quechua origin, the family declares themselves Christian and lives in a modest house in a neighborhood of Cochabamba.

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