translated from Spanish: Driver hits the wall of an address in Los Mochis

The Mochis, Sinaloa. Substantial property damage and an injured person was the balance of a heavy accident that occurred shortly before midnight on Thursday on streets of the Anahuac colony.

The vehicle burst the wall of the establishment/ Armando Talavera

The event occurred at the Crossing of Corregidora and May 5, in well-known hot-dog business.
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According to the information gathered on the site, the driver of a black Volswagen Pointer van, with Sinaloa plates, was driving over the Corregidora, facing south. Read more: Driver is injured in Ahome, after getting out of the way in his vehicleAt arriving at the junction on May 5, he was allegedly hit by the brakes, which caused him to continue his march until he hit the wall of the house in the corner, where he caused a large blowout. It transcended that 10 minutes earlier they had just closed the hot-dog sale on the site, so fortunately the situation did not happen to adults, as there were no people at the time. The driver of the van was beaten in the face, but it was not necessary to be transferred to a nosocomio, as road agents took over the stagecoaches.

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Original source in Spanish

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