translated from Spanish: Electoral Strip: Know the times that will have the candidacies of parties, indigenous peoples and independents for constituents

In an extraordinary session, the National Television Council allocated the time of the television electoral strip of the Constituent Conventionals for nominations of political parties, indigenous and independent peoples.
The CNTV decided that the strip will be divided into two blocks, starting the first at 12:45 a.m. and the second at 8:45 p.m., and will be broadcast between 12 March and 8 April 2021, inclusively. Meanwhile, the reception of the audiovisual material of the Strip will start on March 9th.
“The deadlines are very narrow and as an agency we are complying with the stipulations of the regulations, taking into account that the last information of the nominations by the Servel arrived this week,” said the president of the National Television Council, Carolina Cuevas.
Political parties, independent candidates and candidates for reserved seats of indigenous peoples will be responsible for the content they broadcast through their corresponding electoral propaganda.
Regarding the situation of the independents, Carolina Cuevas reported that “the applications that go by list will present an audiovisual material adding up the times allocated to each candidacy. In addition, several lists can be grouped together and integrated audiovisual content presented. This formula allows efficient use of television time and effectiveness in message transmission.”

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