translated from Spanish: Pink salary. Alfredo del Mazo, the “governor of women”

The cry of Alfredo, Alfredo, Alfredo! sounded in the courtyard of the adjoining high school of Amecameca, in the delivery of more than 4 thousand cards of the Program Salario Rosa, the most important support for women of the State of Mexico.” It’s time to hear the message of the governor of the State of Mexico, the governor of the women, our friend, Alfredo del Mazo,” the presenter said. And then the ovation of those present
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We are very pleased that the Pink Wage is in the best hands, because we know that when it reaches the woman, he invests it in the family, the Mexiquense representative excelled in his message. Read more: Pink Salary. How to do the online procedureHoy we are in more difficult situations because of the pandemic, in which many people have lost their jobs, businesses have closed, companies have had to cut staff, today more than ever, serves us this type of support program, noted Del Mazo.Salario Rosa is a program that follows and will follow, because it is a priority to support women , and especially housewives, said the governor of the State of Mexico.Del Mazo then greeted remotely women who bonded for the benefit delivery ceremony. “You see, you feel, Alfredo is present, ” he heard at the event. Salario Rosa, the star program of the government of the State of Mexico, empowers women and dignifies them, and reminds them that they are the central axis of families, said Eric Sevilla Montes de Oca, secretary of Social Development.Read more: I have the illusion of having a business of my own There is nothing more important than the word of a man, and here is Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza , which meets all women with their Pink Salary, said the Mexiquense official. Salario Rosa is evaluated by the United Nations Development Programme, which focuses on sustainable development programmes. Sevilla Montes de Oca mentioned that Del Mazo is a governor who of each weight devotes 70 cents to generate policies of social development.
Which pays attention to one million,400,000 people in extreme poverty, with food baskets, with edicative polyicaes, with health programs, continued. And with this iconic program, Salario Rosa, which attends personally, week by week, he added. Three years of Pink Salary
Three years after the Pink Wage was established in the entity as an endorsement of the economy of housewives, to date this program supports more than 365 thousand heads of households of the entity. The profit is delivered bimonthly. It is the most important program of the State of Mexico for women, to recognize the important work they do at home. Del Mazo has said it is a well-deserved recognition of the work of women dedicated to the home.

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