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Minimum Guaranteed Income: Nothing new?
«In recent weeks, the President of the Confederation of Production and Trade (CPC), Juan Sutil, has raised the issue of creating a Guaranteed Minimum Income (IMG), which would concentrate the social benefits that the Government provides to the lower-income population, which would be financed, in large part, by the end of the many social programs financed by the State , which have a number of inefficiencies,» says Andrés Sanfuentes. The IMG analysis in today’s featured column.
Public education debts: the contradictions of flags that are flying
«The defense of public education is a flag flying various political sectors in this country, among others, because it has been a relevant and gravitating issue in the demands of social movements, especially in the voice of students in recent years,» says Claudia Espinoza and Silvia Redón. However, the flags waving on the left and right show remarkable differences. Both discuss these contradictions in «Public education, discourses, and practices of the political class: their contradictions and nebulae.»
Covid-19 vaccines: new focus of organized crime

Interpol, Europol, Ameripol or the Council of Europe Medicrime Convention have already detected these new types of illegals, and have delivered a number of recommendations and proposed measures to representatives of public ministries, police and prisons in 13 Latin American countries. The new focus of organized crime on today’s international note.

Google’s Promise
The tech giant announced earlier last year that it would get rid of third-party cookies, which for decades have enabled online ads, to meet growing data privacy standards in Europe and the United States. «Keeping the internet open and accessible to everyone requires us all to do more to protect privacy, and that means the end not only of third-party cookies, but also of any technology used to track individual people while browsing the web,» Google said. Google’s promise with cookies in this Un edited.

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