translated from Spanish: Thousands of Greeks slept in cars after a 6.3-degree sism

Greece.- Following the strong 6.3rd is on the Richter scale that was recorded yesterday in Greece, deaths are not yet reported, however, as a result, thousands of people had to sleep in the country house, cars or hotels. This is the residtne population of the city of Larisa, Greece, and the adjoining municipalities, who had to spend Wednesday night in this way, as the replicas of the strong isism could continue to occur.
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The Geodesic Institute of Athens, which upward-corrected the magnitude, noted that so far there have been more than a hundred replicas, some with powers greater than 5.Read more: They will restore 21 temples in CDMX affected by earthquakes of September 19in the municipalities most affected by the earthquake began this morning inspections of the buildings to determine if there is damage to the structures.

According to local media, there are now more than 80 buildings throughout the area that have collapsed or suffered serious damage and become uninhabitable. The Army and Civil Protection set up more than a hundred tents and distributed beds, blankets and electric generators so that families who could not return home could spend the night protected from the cold. The regional authorities also booked three hotels in the city of Trikala and two in Lárisa to accommodate residents of the populations closest to the epicenter. Although there were a number of landslides, the earthquake has left only three people injured due to falling bricks and other building debris. Read more: Intense earthquake of 5.9 degrees shakes the coasts of PeruDepending on the geodesic institute of Athens, the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred at 12.16 local time (10.16 GMT) was located 16 kilometers south of the town of Elasona, in the district of Lárisa, and at a focal depth of 8.5 kilometers. The tremor lasted about 15 seconds. The earthquake came to feel strong in Athens, the country’s capital, located almost 400 kilometers south of the epicenter, as well as in neighboring countries such as Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, several hundred kilometres north of the event. 

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Original source in Spanish

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