translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] “Sometimes things don’t happen”: Rocío Marengo broke down live after being consulted by motherhood

Argentine model Rocío Marengo spoke with the Trans-Andean program “Intrusos” where she spoke different subjects, including motherhood and relationship with Eduardo Fort.Marengo expressed that “I always had that desire to be a mom. It’s a wish with Edu, we’re back well and there are projects. We leave everything in God’s hands, so to speak. Let him come when he has to come if he has to come.” To which Marcelo Baños reminded him that “you told me many years ago that you were on treatment and that you started to find out everything that has to do with motherhood…””Sometimes things don’t happen and they have nothing to do with whether or not you want things. Sometimes they don’t occur… we’ve been together with Edu for seven years,” she said. One panelist indicated that “excuse me, but does he feel like being a dad again? She has three children, I could tell you no. ‘I love you, I’ve come this far, but I don’t feel like it anymore.’ And it’s also understandable that you feel like living this experience.” To which Marengo stated that “the first thing that has to be decided is me, more than anything for what generates me and for the things that have not been given. I’ve searched elsewhere and it hasn’t arrived. It’s a delicate subject. I have everything, a recompleto present. Today I am as I want to be and everything that comes will be welcome… Edu’s children would be the first to support me in any decision because they have been super generous to me.” After this the former reality girl couldn’t hold back the tears and crying said “there’s middle pressure and there are questions that hurt. Everyone on the panel is good at getting a woman not to be a mother to be a mother or that we’re obligated. Sometimes things don’t happen.”

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