translated from Spanish: Why is Nutella a trend, we leave you the best memes

Since yesterday Nutella, the favorite chocolate of many, went viral on social media, it was thought that the company had taken out something new, but it was not so, Facebook and Twitter were filled with memes related to this sweet, so many thought it was happening. Day by day many topics of any kind go viral on social networks, so there are always very funny memes that the same users do, yesterday it was Nutella’s turn.
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Why did Nutella go viral?
The trend of Nutella chocolate on social media was due to a subject of sexuality, as all the images explained that they wanted to spread this cream in the body of their partners, remaining, people they like or ex-novios. Read more: Woman becomes millionaire after finding whale vomit after a storm in ThailandThe memes that began to circulate referred to the sexual use that can be given to this chocolate cream, but also to the reaction that many may have when learning that it was being talked about on social media regarding chocolate. 

Collecting the best memes
Before starting with memes, we give you a curious fact, Nutella is made cocoa, hazelnuts, sugar, skim milk powder and palm oil, the latter ingredient has been heavily criticized for the damage to the ecosystem they do when obtaining it. Read more: Plane with Covid-19 vaccines hits a… donkey? This delicious cocoa cream was born in 1951 under the name Supercrema but in 1964 it changed its name, until there is World Nutella Day, which is celebrated every February 5, this began in 2007.

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