translated from Spanish: At risk 2021 elections in Nayarit for lack of resources: INE

Nyarit.- The National Electoral Institute (INE) unveiled the government of Nayarit has delivered only 19 million pesos out of the 110 that correspond to the State Electoral Institute during the first bimonth of the year, so they noted that the June 2021 elections could be at risk. After hearing the report submitted by the Executive Secretariat of the INE on the budgetary situation of the Local Public Agencies (OPL), the President’s Adviser Lorenzo Córdova regretted that Nayarit’s democracy could be at risk.
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“Today it must be said in all the letters, because of the omission in generating the resources to which the Government of the State is obliged, democracy in Nayarit is at risk and we cannot allow the democratic rule of law to be under noticing.”

Read more: IEPC de Guerrero endorses Félix Salgado’s candidacy with MorenaAnte this lamented that the governor of the state, Antonio Echeverría justified the lack of resources with the mention, “no one is obliged to the impossible, except if that means further affecting the health and education services of the inhabitants of the state”. “The problem of budget adequacy is a responsibility of local governments, no more, no less; to say otherwise is simply to lie and evade a constitutional responsibility to which they were forced from the moment of the protest, when taking office, let us not turn around, it is that simple,” Córdova added.

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