translated from Spanish: Diana Armenta declines to apply to pri for mayor of Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Through a message shared on her social networks and despite what Jesús Valdez Palazuelos spoke to dozens of militants who demonstrated at the facilities of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Diana Armenta Armenta confirmed that the national delegate in Sinaloa informed her that the party had taken away her candidacy, as the alliance is asking that the flag bearer in Guasave be from the PAN , referencing Jesús López Rodríguez, although at no point did he mention his name.” With deep sadness and great disappointment I want informal that my party has withdrawn my candidacy for the municipal presidency of my dear Guasave, the explanation was given to me yesterday by the delegate of the CEN of the PRI, the apparent reason is that the great alliance is asking that in Guasave a candidate for National Action be prostrate.”
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He noted that he received several proposals, including District 08, however, he rejected them by stressing that a valuable man such as Socorro Castro is already going and stressed that he was not looking for ‘chamba’ either, although he was also offered it. Read more: They fall by 35% sales at Carnival of Auctions in GuasaveArmenta Armenta indicated that by congruence and principles he decided not to participate, nor campaign for a candidate who does not have his confidence.

“Unfortunately things happened that way and I decided not to participate out of congruence, for me a person who shows up today is unreliable and says that 4T is the best there is and registers out there to be municipal president and the next day says that 4T is useless and densized and requires coming for this alliance , I find it most absurd that someone tries to participate in both ways, on both sides, to have power by power.” In the video she also explains that she asked to go alone for the PRI, but she was also not granted and in the face of the refusal emphasized that she will not support the alliance candidate, not because they have taken the opportunity from her, but because she cannot work for someone whom she does not consider the best for Guasave.Read more : Guasave traders fear more operatives of the Prosecutor’s Office”I do not leave without fighting, I asked for space, I asked to be allowed to play for the PRI and that he play for National Action, but neither did I allow it, it hurts me in the soul not to be able to support, but my principles, my convictions and as they say in my ejido , I can’t go beating in the mud, I don’t have the stomach for that, excuse me… I was asked to come in as a pinch hitter and I have said it many times, and I accepted; by a priista I play it, but for someone who is not even a panista and who today says one thing and tomorrow says another, forgive me but I do not agree, I do not want and I do not agree that that is the best thing for Guasave.”

The Team of Quirino Ordaz campaigned

Original source in Spanish

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