translated from Spanish: Julian Elfenbein. “Today we value much more the space where you can talk”

Tonight Chilevisión launches a new season of “Podemos Hablar”, the talk show conducted by Julián Elfenbein.
According to the journalist, the program is distinguished by the diversity of guests, but also its format of talks among all. “That’s what sets us apart from other programs, we don’t give interviews, we’re a choral talk show. So the guests talk about what they want and there’s nothing we force them to say that they don’t want to tell,” he says.
“We re-record after a good time of repetitions,” says Elfenbein, who says that this new cycle is not only marked by health action, but will also feature new sections.
“There is the ‘Telephone Cabin’, where a guest can be surprised with a call that happens at the time of someone in relation to their story,” Elfenbein explained, adding that the other section, called “The Mirror,” will feature an instance that participants will have to deliver their opinion or thought regarding what is exposed by some of the guests at the “Meeting Point”.
According to the animator, there are different measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of covid-19 contagions. “Guests become PCRs just like me and the whole team 48 hours before the recording, there are very few people in the studio and we have an important social distance,” he says.
How do you keep the distance in the sections?

Before at the meeting point the guests would stand in the center, get together, hug each other, but now that’s impossible so it’s different: they’re going to stand in their places, separated at the appropriate distance. Also the table is giant, it is a table type Queen Victoria, of those 800 meters (laughs). Then it’s all with its permanent disinfection process, and everything so that the appropriate measures can be taken.
Is it easy to bring guests?

I mean, it’s never easy, we don’t have such a big country and we have a program with six guests per chapter. It’s not always easy, but it’s easy, but the characters from different fields want to come to “We Can Talk,” in fact they say so on the show.
Why do you think faces like to participate in the program?

Because today we value the space where you can talk. We can talk even long about different topics and it’s a choral conversation. The show I don’t do, the guests do it in the conversation and that’s always very important. Here you can explay and nothing is censored. I may not like an opinion about someone, but it’s part of the matter to talk and discuss, and that’s grace.

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