translated from Spanish: Overdy: FIFA proposes South American qualifiers to be played in Europe

FIFA raised in recent hours the Conmebol to contest the March double qualifying date on European soil, this in the face of the qualms of the clubs of the Old Continent of freeing South American players.
The European institutions, especially of the Premier League, externalized their discomfort due to the travel of the footballers, since on their return they must serve 10 days in quarantine and thus some matches will be lost for their clubs.
According to the newspaper El País de Uruguay, the agency’s proposal chaired by Gianni Infantino “does not have the majority votes of the South American countries, because they would play on stages that will not give them the sporting benefits they have when competing as locals. Although they are played without an audience, there are other significant elements such as height or weather will not come into play.”
“The problem for Conmebol is that FIFA confirmed last month that it would not apply normal international player release regulations where Covid-19 restrictions apply, including quarantine,” the publication added.
Remember that at the beginning of the week, the development director of the South American Football Confederation, Gonzalo Belloso, clarified that the double date of March will not be suspended. “The idea is to ask for exceptional permits. We are working with FIFA which pledged to make the effort to free all called players. We understand the problem in the UK, but we want to have everyone,” he said.
“The date of March remains as it is, because it is impossible to reage. We’ve already lost a year to the pandemic. There’s no option to re-schedule matches,” he added.
FIFA’s idea is to take matches to cities such as Budapest, Bucharest and Athens, as UEFA has already done for Champions League and Europa League matches.

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