translated from Spanish: THE UN expressed its “concern” following police crackdown in Formosa

This Friday, following the self-con summoned police crackdown to reject the return to Phase 1 in Formosa capital, the United Nations (UN) issued a statement expressing concern about the violence seen today. It was disseminated through the Argentine social networks of the entity and was on behalf of the resident coordinator of United Nations Argentina, Roberto Valent, and the regional representative for South America of the United Nations for Human Rights, Jan Jarab.
“According to the information received, the police response involved the use of indiscriminate violence that resulted in people injured and detained,” they wrote in the missive, as well as demanding to investigate the recorded facts “quickly independently and thoroughly.” They continued: “International human rights treaties guarantee the right to meet peacefully, and meetings can only be dispersed in exceptional cases. When acts of violence occur, security forces must distinguish and protect peaceful protesters and use force only when strictly necessary in line with international human rights standards.” Following the release of the statement, the tweet was responded with requests for “Freedom for Formosa” and more images of people being beaten by police and wounded with rubber bullets.

Original source in Spanish

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