translated from Spanish: A 20-year-old anti-Insfran “influencer” was arrested in Formosa

Agustín Rojas is a 20-year-old boy, born in Monte Grande, Province of Buenos Aires, but a resident of the province of Formosa since the age of 8. He was one of 93 arrested at Friday’s demonstrations in front of the governorate. Tension in Formosa began between Thursday night and Friday, when a group of merchants came out to protest the return to Phase I of strict quarantine.
But this young man is standing up to fight the government of Insfrán, elected governor in the elections of the last 25 years for a long time, and social media is his platform. With an Instagram account exceeding 2600 followers, Agustín Rojas for freeing his adopted province from what he considers the “dictatorship” of the “Big Brother”, as defined by the Peronist leader. 

Close to the leaders of Juntos por el Cambio, with whom he shared posts on social media, he is of liberal ideology and also has a radio program from which he shoots against the governor. Rojas claims, according to what he told the newspaper Clarín, that he has the phone tapped by the insfran government and recounted how the beating he received from the policemen in prison. 
“At the third precinct they ordered me beaten everywhere and Commissioner Guanes mistreated me too. We’re going to trial. I’m for a few hours without a phone,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

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