translated from Spanish: Chile approaches 4 million people vaccinated against Covid-19

According to data delivered by deIS, the Ministry of Health reported that during this Friday, up to 11:00 hours, 45,174 people have been immunized with first doses, reaching a total of 3,948,69 people vaccinated in the country. Those who received their first and second doses against Covid-19 this morning reach 101,359 people. It was also reported that 2,547,126 people over the age of 60 and older have participated in the campaign. Compared to gender, 59.2% of inoculates are women and 40.8% are men. Earlier, Minister Enrique Paris noted that Chile ranks second in the world’s fastest vaccinating countries against Covid-19, surpassed only by Israel.” The figures we have so far indicate that 26% of the population has been vaccinated,” the health holder added, “With the first and second doses of vaccine, we have already placed more than 4 million doses of vaccines, and today afternoon I hope that we will reach 4 million people vaccinated, which will mark a new milestone.” Finally, the secretary of state announced that next Monday 2 million new doses of the Covid-19 vaccine (Sinovac) will arrive.

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