translated from Spanish: Epidemiological Report: Confirmed and probable active cases rise to more than 35,000

Active cases of covid-19 remain high. In this Saturday’s report, the authorities of the Ministry of Health reported that to this day, 27,523 people can infect others.
However, when accounting for confirmed and probable active cases, the figure rises to more than 35 thousand contagions, according to the 100th Minsal Epidemiological Report. Specifically, the cases active at the national level are 35,274, la Tercera reported.
The regions with the most active cases are Metropolitan, (6,373 cases), Biobío (3,337 cases), Los Lagos (2,510 cases) and Valparaiso (2,213 cases).
The report further revealed that Chile has approached one million infected since the pandemic began in Chile in March last year. Specifically, as of March 4 of this year, 973,784 cases of Covid-19 are counted, among confirmed (845,450) and probable (128,334).
Meanwhile, in the Metropolitan Region, Puente Alto (511), Santiago (450), Maipú (355) and La Florida (340) are the communes with the highest number of active cases.
Finally, the report revealed that 94 cities in the country have more than 100 active cases, equivalent to 27.2%.

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