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Mexico. – After Panam’s criticism of the campaign for the promotion of tennis with feminist phrases, the Mexican footwear company issued an apology for the message it gave in the new product and reported that these pieces will not be for sale.
Through her social media, the footwear company said the pieces were unique and her goal was to commemorate the feminist movement and express support for women.
He also said that the company sought to stand in solidarity with the date and not use it to raise its sales, as mentioned by social media users, but, the release of the pieces generated quite the opposite.
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“As a brand we have always been in favor of equity, as well as respecting individualism and differences. We are committed to truth and genuine concern to the social context. We put this clarification that teaches us that every day you learn,” they wrote on their Twitter account in which they pushed the hashtag #AprenderDeNuestrosErrores.

In the past days we published unique pieces intervened by an artist to remember and commemorate the feminist movement, with the sole intention of expressing our support for women.
— Panam Tennis (@PanamOficial) March 5, 2021

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