translated from Spanish: They prohibit the sale of alcohol in flight where AMLO traveled “to avoid alterations” and insults

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Mexico. – This Friday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began a weekend tour in which he hopes to carry out the inspection of the works of the Maya Train. As usual, he moved on a commercial flight. But this time the crew announced that the sale of alcoholic beverages would not be permitted during the trip.
Before starting takeoff, airline staff disclosed through horns that during the two-hour flight alcohol drinks would not be served. The main reason was that on that trip the president was present, so they wanted to avoid the alteration of passengers as a result of the consumption of intoxicating drinks.
According to a tweet shared through the @gasparvela account, la Octava reporter, “the sale of alcoholic beverages was suspended on flight 1018 of @VivaAerobus, where he traveled @lopezobrador. One of the overloads told me that the reason was that the president was coming on the plane, and they wanted to prevent passengers from being disturbed by alcohol.”
The trip was different from last Sunday from Guadalajara to Mexico City. On that occasion, when the crew on board the aircraft indicated the descent of the passengers, several people approached the representative to record it or ask for photographs. In a few videos a couple was in the back, who started shouting a series of insults.
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A day later, during the morning conference, he was asked about the facts. He said that, as part of his political role, he is already accustomed to receiving all kinds of comments, for “They are messages of the trade”.
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