translated from Spanish: Two men are shot on Juarez Avenue, one dies

Zamora, Michoacán- On Friday night there was another gunshot attack on the west of the municipality of Zamora, leaving as a balance a dead young motorcyclist and an injured man, the assailants managed to escape in a car, some witnesses said to the authorities.
The violent event was recorded on Avenida Juárez Poniente at the height of number 1833, just in front of the establishment “Gym Forza”, where the elements of the Municipal Police were mobilized who guarded the area.
While it was the Red Cross paramedics who confirmed the death of a boy who is currently un identified, it was only mentioned that he was crewing an Italika DT150 red motorcycle.
They also helped Mr. Leopoldo A., G., better known as the 48-year-old “Polo”, a neighbor of the place, who had at least five gunshot wounds to his body so he was taken to a nosocomio for his medical attention.
Minutes later at the crime scene came the specialists of the State Attorney General’s Office who were in charge of carrying out the law enforcement, and then taking the body to the local morgue for the corresponding studies and waiting for it to be identified

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