translated from Spanish: Austria withdraws aztraZeneca dose batch against Covid-19

Europe.- Austria announced that it withdraws a batch of vaccines from AstraZeneca against covid-19 as a precautionary measure after the death of one person and the contagion of another after being immunized with the dose, although there is, in principle, no causal link between what happened and the drug. The 49-year-old woman died ten days after receiving the vaccine due to «severe bleeding disorders» and was a nurse at Zwettl Hospital in northern Austria, another 35-year-old co-worker had a pulmonary embolism after being immunized and is in that clinic, although her condition improves.
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«There is currently no indication of a causal relationship with vaccination. Based on known clinical data, a causal relationship cannot be established, as thrombotic complications are not among the known or typical side effects of the vaccine in question,» explains the Federal Health Safety Agency (BASG). Read more: Sum Russia more than 10 thousand contagions in just hoursAlthing the agency notes that there is no clinical data that may be a «cause of concern» about the reliability of the AstraZeneca vaccine, following the principle of prevention has decided not to administer the leftover doses of the ABV 5300 batch of the drug that was used with the deceased and its partner. BASG says that research is being conducted as quickly as possible so that a possible link between what happened with vaccine administration is being completely ruled out. At the moment, the authorities have not reported how many doses made up that withdrawn batch or how many people were given. Anglo-Czech pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said, in a statement cited by the APA agency, that she is fully working on the investigation and hopes that soon what happened will be clarified.» In the interests of all those waiting for a vaccine we want research as quickly as possible to be clear about how this unfortunate event could have occurred,» said AstraZeneca.Read more: Regrets Peru just over 47,000 deaths by Covid-19 in a yearThe company stresses that its vaccine is «effective and safe» and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency.

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