translated from Spanish: Feminists in Oaxaca shout slogans and vandalize temples

Oaxaca.- Feminist organizations and collectives marched this Sunday in the city of Oaxaca, capital of the state of the same name, a protest that unfolded between slogans and acts of vandalism on the eve of international women’s day commemorated tomorrow Monday. On their route through the historic center of the city, some 400 women showed their discontent with the gender-based violence that has increased in the state and in the country in recent years and the zero application of justice in the state.
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On their journey they broke glass from public and private properties, as well as businesses and department stores located on Independencia Avenue, one of the main ones in the city.

They also painted in Catholic Churches, places where they protested the intrusion of this religion to the right to decide on their bodies.

Attack on the temple of San Felipe Neri. Twitter

Read more: «Mexico feminicida», «Legal abortion already» and «A rapist will not be governor» in Palacio NacionalIn the temple of San Felipe Neri a group of women entered and caused damage, some temple benches were taken to the streets where they tried to set them on fire. While a bank branch, protesters destroyed ATMs, ripped out chairs, desks and threw them into the street. At the site they detonated cohetons and lit a campfire at the entrance of the branch.

Banners with claims for violence against women. Twitter

Read more: Demonstrations for International Women’s Day 2021 in Mexico City also made paintings on the doors of the Cathedral and followed their way to the plinth of the capital where they held a rally with which they concluded their manifestation. During the two hours of the day of protest, no injured persons were reported, nor were any police operations set up to try to contain them. According to data from the Women’s Studies Group organization, 516 women have been killed so far from the current state administration that began in 2016.In recent years in Mexico the figures of femicide and violence against women have been increasing, in addition to the high rate of impunity that allows aggressors and murderers to remain on the streets.

Amurallan National Palace prior to 8M

Mexico recorded 967 femicides in 2020, almost identical to the 969 gender crimes of a year earlier.

Original source in Spanish

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