translated from Spanish: Government announces extension of Employment Protection and Employment Subsidy Strengthening Act

This Sunday, President Sebastián Piñera announced the extension of the validity of the Employment Protection Act and a strengthening of the Employment Subsidy.In relation to the economic recession caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, Piñera noted that «at the worst time of this crisis we have lost 2 million jobs» and that «fortunately we have already recovered one million of those lost jobs.» We have extended the validity of the Employment Protection Act and the Protected Parenting Act until June,» the head of state announced, on new jobs, noting that «in September last year we launched a comprehensive and in-depth employment subsidy plan.» In this regard, he reported the strengthening of the Employment Grant, which will increase the Subsidy Returns from 160 thousand pesos to 200 thousand per month; in addition to increasing the ContractIng Grant from 60% to 65% of the remuneration, with a new monthly cap of 290 thousand pesos. In addition, it confirmed the creation of the Protect Grant, which is a direct contribution of 200 thousand pesos per month to working mothers of children under two years of age who do not have the right to crib by their employer. By the way, the representative hastily requested Congress to pass the universal cradle room law and, above all, that of the extension of the State of Catastrophe until June.

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