translated from Spanish: Pinterest celebrates International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, Pinterest decided to celebrate how women use the platform to inspire themselves and create the life they want from ideas to reinvent their careers and cope with these times of change. That’s why during the week of March 7-15, image site users will be able to take inspiration from local creators, women in leadership positions, and businesses from the «Today» tab where they’ll find articles with inspiring ideas and practices to get to work.
They will also be able to read «When women come together», two articles with exclusive interviews of two Latina and very powerful women, María del Mar Ramón and Marcia Perez, creators of women’s communities, and who have achieved incredible things through the love and support of other women. In that line, the site shared a report from the Bumeran job portal with consulting firm Bridge The Gap, which showed that during social, preventive and mandatory isolation 62.4% of mothers were affected by their productivity during quarantine.

They reinforced that while many people’s careers were affected by the pandemic, women’s careers were even more affected. This is because they faced challenges such as job loss or accumulation of responsibilities, such as childcare, work, and life at home. From the site they noticed how, more than ever and around the world, women sought inspiration related to work through their contents: proof of this is that their «dream jobs» boards increased 10 times.

So Pinterest’s annual trend report, Pinterest Predicts, has already shown the growing general interest in starting business of its own. And it seems that, in particular, it is women who are making the leap this year, with searches such as «small business plan» (which increased 50 times) and boards created by women, such as «business checklist» (which increased 5 times). The imaging site also highlighted that women are gaining confidence to take their next step in their professional career thanks to searches such as: «Start a business from home», «Accounting for small businesses», «Ideas for original companies», «Famous appointments of entrepreneurs», among others.

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