translated from Spanish: Argentine actresses: «March 8th we stop because our lives matter»

This 8M is not one more for women in Argentina. This March 8 is the first where feminism can celebrate voluntary termination of pregnancy, after years and years of struggle. However, as much remains to be done, the message does not initially go through what has been achieved, however so it hurts the most. On this occasion, Actrices Argentinas filed a statement in the afternoon hours announcing that they make their right to an unemployment and expressed the reasons on social media. Gender-based violence, ignorance of powers (mainly Justice) and machismo are points that do not give rise to any celebration.
Through the same text, entitled «March 8th we stop because our lives matter», the group of actresses tells the intentions of this new International Day of Working Women, where they convene marches throughout the country with the care and responsibilities of the pandemic. March 8th we stop because our lives matter
Our lives matter, but violence escalating. Every day they kill us, but the policies and resources that the state allocates to protect us in no way are enough. On 8 March we stop because the judicial system that should take care of our assailants deofies our complaints and instead of solutions offers obstacles. We stop because in this world the other way around is systematically doubting the victim, being mistreated and worn out. Without free legal sponsorship with a gender perspective it is she who has to guard that the precautionary measures are complied with or report that the perimeters have been violated, it is she who has to live locked up and afraid while her victim moves freely and with impunity. It is she who is subjected to all kinds of expertise that revictimizes her, the one who is humiliated in the police stations and courts, who is forced to knock on the doors of a blind and deaf justice that in an immense percentage is late and when she issues her judgments she does so aberrantly. It is she who after having made countless complaints ends up cornered and dead. We stop because it seems that for victims of femicides and transfemicides we claim and fight only ourselves as if this is not a problem that involves the whole of society. How long? How long will judges, officials who every day fail to comply with due diligence and leave us helpless, continue to enjoy their privileges and hold their positions? How long will security forces continue to shelter their criminal members (one in five femicides are perpetrated by them)? How long is the ugly madness that doesn’t stop until you do your job, you’re going to have your way free? We stop because the culture in which we live exploits us, cosifies and naturalizes the violence we suffer. Because our lives do matter, on March 8th we stop and take to the streets carefully to say BASTA. We are located 17 hours in the Plaza del Congreso and in all the squares of the country. Actresses ArgentinasHoy, with beard and social distance, in front of the Congress and in all the squares of the country,#NosotrasParamos#ELESTADOESREPONSABLE#niunamenos2021

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