translated from Spanish: Culichis honor victims of femicide in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Peaceful demonstrations amid tears and heartbreaking cries honoring last year’s victims of femicide in Sinaloa, they showed up this March 8 at the Cathedral of the city of Culiacán.The collectives took this space peacefully relying on posters with phrases all theusive to the movement, each that the traffic light on Obregón Avenue painted its red color for motorists the protesters were placed in the middle of the street showing the posters made by his own hands besides shouting phrases such as «not one more» and «if I’m next, I hope to be the last.»
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Transit authorities supported the protesters with the closure of the avenue for about half an hour to avoid any incident and subsequently opened up to a single lane to allow the flow to the vehicles, which supported the movement by tapping the horn to the sound of chants. Read more: Demonstration 8M by women victims of femicides in SinaloaNo enough posters, banquettes and avenues were also painted purple and the phrase «Sinaloa feminicida». In addition, green and purple handkerchiefs painted the cathedral this afternoon.

Teresa Guerra, lawyer and representative of the movement mentioned that, continue in search of a stop to violence against women, calling for sensitivity and that women’s requests need to be heard, as violence against women continues to be reproduced in Mexico and reported that 10 women are killed daily in Mexico , so this day is not to celebrate but to claim all that is to be done. They made a list pass of all the women victims of femicide in the last year and joined their voices, asking for justice for each of them in addition, replaced the names of each of the streets and avenues of the center with the names and ages of those victims. Read more: Women in Los Mochis march through the 8M to demand a stop to violenceMariel Yee, belonging to the Sinaloense Altered Feminists collective commented that, this fight is against the background levels of sexual abuse in which we find ourselves, Being Sinaloa one of the first places in consumption of child pornography and first places in femicides and although , progress has been made, it still believes that much is missing and all women deserve recognition of their rights. Finally, they completed the demonstration around 7:00 a.m. so that each of the protesters would avoid exposure late at night and arrive safely at home.

Original source in Spanish

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