translated from Spanish: Felipe Pettinato suffered a psychiatric break and had to be hospitalized

Felipe Pettinato was admitted this Friday after suffering a psychiatric outbreak, during which he would have assaulted his sister Tamara and his mother, Cecilia Dutelli, at his home in the Porteño neighborhood of Saavedra.
The information provided indicated that the 27-year-old after a violent episode injured relatives and doctors who tried to assist him so police had to intervene.

According to police sources to Noticias Argentinas, Neighborhood Police Station 12 A would have received several phone calls alerting a man with psychiatric disturbances at the address of Crisólogo Larralde Street to 3500.At that time, the troops moved into the house and met with a doctor sent by the prepaid medicine company , who told them that he had been forced to leave the place because of the patient’s aggressive attitude. Faced with this situation and noticing that the access door to the house was closed, the police decided to enter the place by the terrace and found Philip in good condition. However, in the case, the Contraventional and Fault Criminal Prosecutor’s Office Number 7 was involved, by prosecutor Matías De Sanctis, who decided to order the transfer of Pettinato’s son to Pirovano Hospital for his attention.
Both the sister and the mother of a young man reported having suffered wounds in their arms. And the psychiatrist who cared for Philip indicated that it was an “controlled aggressive psychiatric outbreak,” so it was decided that he should perform treatment on the nosocomologist.

In July 2019, Felipe was admitted to the Argentine Swiss Clinic and, he said, hospitalization had been “against his will.” “It’s not a rehab center. I’m not in rehab. I’m in recovery. I admit I’m an addict. I’ll take it. But I’m not a junkie.” It was his statements that that moment in dialogue with Los Angeles of the Morning. And he claimed to feel “betrayed” by his family.

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