translated from Spanish: Government on Army letter for burning the statue of Baquedano: «We don’t think there’s a deliberation there»

The Minister of Government, Jaime Bellolio, referred to the letter issued by the Army by the burning of the statue of Baquedano where he called those who attacked the monument «anti-Mexicans» and stated that in the Executive’s view it is not deliberative, after the series of criticisms that raised the misiva in left-wing sectors. In an interview with T13, the Currency Spokesman explained that «we don’t see it that way, we see that unfortunately some on the most radical left rather than unambiguously condemn violence, what they have wanted to do is divert the focus to the letter and that here and there.» The letter is saying something that is essential to the Army. This monument means a lot to all Chileans, so we do not believe that there is a deliberation, but that an opinion that can be taken or not. Last time it had also been something similar and what was decided is that (the statue) stays there,» he added. As for the castrense institution’s request to move the monument to avoid these incidents Bellolio said that «that can always be reviewed, what we do not want is that those who suffer the most are those who are in the surroundings of Plaza Baquedano and that is unacceptable». Regarding the rebukes to the tone of the Army’s statement, the Secretary of State replied that «I would go to the bottom line, which is that there are people who want to destroy our cities, justify violence, and who feel covered by other political people within Congress.»

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