translated from Spanish: Matías Rodríguez doesn’t lose hope: «I see myself retiring in the ‘U'»

Matías Rodríguez, former captain of the University of Chile, externalized his desire to return in a couple more years to the blue box and hang the booties defending the collegial cast, which he left after the 2020 campaign because he saw no interest in the board.» I’m going to turn 35 and see myself playing until I’m 37 or 38 and retiring in the U, that’s my dream. That’s why my nationalization is still ongoing to be more likely to come back if that possibility is given, but there will have to be a total convincing of the people to be in the club,» Rodriguez told El Mercurio.Even the winner with the blues of four national titles, two Copa Chile, a National Super Cup and the 2011 South American with the ‘U’ began to feel in advance that it would not be taken into account for the 2021 season.» No one came to tell me they didn’t have me in their plans, nor did they tell me they loved me. Rafael (Dudamel) thanked the delivery and my professionalism, but he didn’t tell me he loved me. Then it was clear, you feel those things,» he said. In addition, Rodriguez claimed to leave the ‘U’ quietly in meeting the goals, which was to save the team from relegation and qualify for an international tournament.» He also got ahead of the older players’ experience, so we’re happy. Now as a family we wanted a change of air, we needed it,» he said. Regarding his next steps, the ‘Mati’ revealed that he will sign with Defense and Justice in June, when the pass book opens again in Argentina.» Guille Marino, assistant to Sebastián Beccacece, insisted on me telling me that they wanted me for the Liberators and suruga Bank. I wanted a challenge like this, to play Cup and the league of my country, which I will do in June when the passbook opens again. My family also pushed for this comeback,» he said.

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