translated from Spanish: Men infiltrated feminist protest, no gases: CDMX police

Mexico City’s Ministry of Citizen Security assured that men infiltrated in this March 8 feminist protest were some of the generators of violence against capital police officers.
Marcela Figueroa, in charge of the Undersecretariat for Institutional Development of the unit, presented at a press conference that there were at least three points of the protest where men would have participated in violent events against civilians and policemen.
«Through the undersecretary of government, Efraín Morales López, and under the presence of visitors to the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City, and civil organizations, the dialogue was held to agree on the delivery of these weapons, which were delivered several hours later. At this point there is a record of the infiltration of men assaulting women policemen,» he said at a press conference.

He also «categorically» rejected the use of gases or some other toxic substance against protesters, and that only fire extinguishers were used to deter protesters’ fire.
«We categorically deny the use of tear gas and rubber bullets,» the capitalist civil service responded.
When questioned about the use of gases and bombs against female protesters, she responded that «videographic evidence» would be analyzed to determine who was responsible for its use.

#8M2021 | Demonstrators broke the police fence that was at the height of Hidalgo Avenue and are already heading towards the Zocalo.
📹 Video: @nayaroldan.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) March 8, 2021

«The police do not have such gases or substances, they do not have them and they are strictly prohibited,» he insisted.
According to the authorities, a total of 81 people were injured, 62 police officers and 19 civilians, of whom nine uniformed and one civilian were hospitalized but stable.
The points where authorities detected the infiltration of men who assaulted were in the Zocalo, while protesters were trying to jump the fence in the National Palace; Central Axis; as well as on May 5th Street.

At the height of Hidalgo Avenue, capital police sprayed protesters and members of the @BrigadaMarabunt who sought to recover a woman who was trapped in the shields.
📹 Video: @nayaroldan.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) March 8, 2021

Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Ulises Lara said the unit launched an investigation into assaults against injured police and affected civilians.
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