translated from Spanish: Nuevo León state has chaos in Covid-19 cases

Nuevo León.- About one year after the start of the pandemic in Nuevo León, the Administration of Governor Jaime Rodríguez has failed to group on a single website information about Covid-19 with order, transparency and formats friendly for consultation. Entities such as Mexico City, Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Coahuila or Sinaloa have an exclusive web portal to share all the data related to the pandemic, from contagions and expenses to official decrees and recommendations to the population. 
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Even CDMX, Jalisco and Sinaloa provide a map that daily gives active cases per colony. Read more: How in the United States, the elderly will be vaccinated from their cars in San Pedro Garza García On the contrary, in Nuevo León statistics can only be obtained per colony after filing a request for transparency with the Ministry of State Health, which takes up to a month to respond and therefore gives outdated information.

In addition, other entities, such as CDMX and Jalisco, share information about contagions and decesses in general and in each municipality in open formats, i.e. in downloadable Excel or CSV tables. The Ministry of Health of Nuevo León hardly gives a daily document with the Covid figures and in a format that only reports total data and that day. This makes it difficult to make comparisons about the trends of the virus, the first case of which was confirmed in the State on March 11, 2020.Detailed historical data on the coronavirus are provided in the other entities.
On restrictions and reopenings, in CDMX and Jalisco, daily, the inhabitants can check the color of the epidemiological traffic light in which the entity is located and the respective indications for business and the population in general. They also provide companies with traffic light-based operating guides. The other entities also have a special section with all decrees, regulations and amendments to laws from the beginning of the contingency. Read more: Next Monday Baja California will go yellow at the epidemiological traffic lightThe only thing Nuevo León does publish and update is the expense of inputs, infrastructure and supports by Covid-19, but unlike other states, such as Tamaulipas, it does not provide details, such as purchase contracts, and does not apply friendly formats either.

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