translated from Spanish: Santiago a Mil returns with special of women creators

The return of the Santiago festival to Mil was marked by the date of International Women’s Day.
The event decided to mark its second part by opening spaces for the development of women who excel in the show behind the boards.
According to Stephie Bastías, director of the work «El Convento», which awaits its reprogramming after the setback to phase two in Santiago, this type of spaces «are very appreciated and it is not something that always happens. There are cycles of directors, or women. It’s a way to make ourselves known.»
Javiera Mendoza, director of «The Force of the Heart», agrees with the idea of Bastías. «There is no space to create. She applies to everything and it’s super terrible and super precarious to make culture and being a woman is worse,» Mendoza says.
On the presence of women behind the boards, Bastías states that there is an increasing presence of women. «When I entered drama school, being a principal was marked by being a man,» he says
Mendoza also sees that difference, but through conversations with women who started their careers in the ’70s. «They couldn’t believe there were women in the direction of the theater. In those days you didn’t see it, but now there’s more and more female presence,» she says.

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