translated from Spanish: They confiscate dangerous objects; link them on the go of the 8M

CDMX.- Elements of mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office confiscated Molotov bombs, marros and other dangerous objects that were allegedly used during the International Women’s Day demonstrations on Monday. The capital prosecutor’s office reported that the confiscation was carried out during the execution of a search warrant on a site in the Polanco colony, located in the mayoral part of Miguel Hidalgo. Female personnel from the Investigative Police and the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) participated in the operation.
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«They secured nine Molotov bombs, five tips, five marros, six firecrackers and green vegetables with characteristics typical of marijuana weighing approximately 18 kilograms,» the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

All objects were made available to the public prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in Miguel Hidalgo 4 as evidence of an investigative folder, for the possible commission of the crimes of transport, manufacture or import of objects suitable to attack, according to official information. Read more: «Why did she and he don’t?»: How to support feminism on this International Women’s DayHead mention that the operation was developed with attachment to human rights and there were no detainees during it, according to the FGJ.

«They infiltrate people to harm,» AMLO accuses smear campaign for feminist protests

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