translated from Spanish: AMLO accuses acts of provocation underway of 8M

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that at the #8M marches in Mexico City, the authorities managed to resist the provocation of the protesters and did not fall into the trap of violence.
At his morning conference on Tuesday, the representative acknowledged the work done by CDMX cops even though they were «assaulted.»
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López Obrador assured that the police did not assault the protesters and said that if the fences had not been put in front of the National Palace, more people would have been put at risk.
«Harassment could be evaded and he did not fall into the trap of violence and resisted provocation. I would like to thank the security officers in Mexico City very much, especially the police women who resisted stoically and did not fall into provocation. They were assaulted and no protesters were assaulted,» he said. 
«I also welcome the help of the wall, because it was clear that they wanted to vandalize the National Palace, if the wall was not put on, a lot of people would have been put at risk.» 
The president noted that men also participated in the march, «as always undercover provocatellers and had come face-to-face with women policemen and it would have been a lot of risk.»
He noted that some of the protesters were bringing torches, hammers and hammers.
«There was no harm to people but there were women policemen burned, not serious, fortunately, neither civilians nor serious policemen.» 
He assured that his government did not suppress such demonstrations and that freedoms of expression were guaranteed.
The president insisted that such marches were not recorded in previous administrations and that they are now driven by their political opponents.
«This is new, these protests against the government with the flag of feminism, when in reality all this is driven by the conservatism that is affecting your interests and privileges.»
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He added that the acts of provocation were «so evident» that this time the national media did not attack the government or defend the protesters.
Yesterday’s demonstrations saw some clashes between policemen and protesters, mainly at the capital Zocalo, where women protesters managed to break down some of the fences in front of the National Palace.
In the face of this act, the policemen behind the fences dispersed the protesters with extinguishers. Some of the female protesters denounced the use of pepper spray and rubber bullets to replete the mavericks.
As a result of these clashes, as of Monday night, capital authorities reported 62 uniformed and 19 civilians injured.
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