translated from Spanish: Border Concern: Discuss New Restrictions

The increase in positive cases of coronavirus in Brazil, Paraguay and Chile provoked the government’s reaction, which discusses taking further action at the borders. The first to refer to the possibility of increasing restrictions on the country’s boundaries was Daniel Gollan, Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires: «The decree that is renewed on the 12th will very strongly restrict the departure of new tourists to the regions of circulation of the virus».

The issue was discussed at the Meeting of the Federal Health Council, where ministers across the country «assessed the possibility of taking further border measures and discouraging travel to areas with the circulation of new strains of coronavirus at the risk of a second wave.» They called for more emphasis on income to the country and quarantine of those arriving from abroad «to mitigate the impact of the introduction of higher transmissibility strains.»
The National Executive stated that «as of March 8, new cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants in Argentina and the region amount to 2.6 million and there is a 7% increase over the previous week.» According to global distribution, the Region of the Americas accounts for 6%; Europe 9%; 9% and the eastern Mediterranean by 14%,» he added in a statement.

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