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 Women’s Struggle in 4Q: Conservative?
 Unstoppable gender-based violence in Veracruz
 Dictan apprehension order vs mayor and Cabildo de Coatzacoalcos
 No gender equity in electoral process in Michoacán
 Women’s Struggle in 4Q: Conservative? Violent?
A metal fence that was installed by the Government of Mexico to “prevent violence and care for women”, and to curb the ill intentions of the “conservatives” to seize social movements, it was not enough to disable the “M8”, as it added to the names of the victims in the so-called “wall of indifference”, or the projections (mapping) with the reminder of “a rapist will not be governor”, this alluding to the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio in Guerrero, where it is noted (five complaints) for alleged acts of aggravated violence, and sexual harassment.
Faced with the blockade and this panorama, a digital front opened, yesterday Monday, on the official Youtube channel; Hundreds of purple and green hearts sprang up to support the struggle of feminism, and legalization of abortion, accompanied by phrases such as: “I’m Not Bot Ni Party,” “Not one less,” “Break the Covenant,” and again one addressed to former Brown senator Salgado Macedonio, who even this Sunday, in a family photo, released another new message: “Long live the Women.”
Despite the attempt by the Labour administration to “placate” the waters; such as redness in the cabinet, such as the example of SSyPC or Profeco (this is not for gender equity, but why their headlines, Alfonso Durazo and Ricardo Sheffield Padilla respectively decided to go to the grid) there is an earring to clarify the 3 thousand 723 intentional homicides recorded in the country, only in 2020, of which 940 were femicides (related on gender issues), according to figures of the Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System (SESNSP). This would mean that 2020, leaving out the pandemic, on average, a woman was deprived of life, every two and a half hours.
Despite a drop in figures compared to 2019, about 0.2% in femicides, and 2.9% in intentional homicides; The first half of 2020 was one of the most violent in the last 30 years, according to INEGI figures, and the states of: Morelos, Colima, Nuevo León, Sonora and Veracruz had the highest incidence in femicides. While this happens, the national palace hears the following statement: “The fence was put on because the conservatives are very upset and they are chuecos, very hypocritical and get into all the movements to provoke, not them, but manipulate, they have a way of doing it and they also count the backing of the media…”
Unstoppable gender-based violence in Veracruz
With 84 femicides documented “officially” in 2020, and a dishonorable fifth national place, as well as a woeful increase in gender-based violence, which put it in second place in the country, only below the State of Mexico, Veracruz (mainly its state and municipal authorities) remains unable to resolve the serious situation it is going through. Even, within the framework of International Women’s Day, a feminist “hunter” emerged in the port of Coatzacoalcos, named Victor Cabrera Lofte (@VicCab), a former municipal official, and a supporter of Morena in southern Veracruz, where, by the way, the highest number of cases of violence and crimes against women are concentrated. There in this oil region, and the birthplace of politicians (many godparents and godmothers of this character) there is a disinterest in attending to these illicits, since those responsible for the units prefer the “grill”, and abandon their obligations. What friendships (on the CDMX) did Cabrera Lofte refer to that would help him unmask the protesters? Who in your political circle? This will give for more details…
They issue apprehension order vs mayor and Cabildo de Coatzacoalcos
And those who couldn’t even get their hands in, they are the morenist mayor of Coatzacoalcos, Víctor Manuel Carranza Rosaldo, the licensed trustees Yazmín Martínez Irigoyen, as well as its governings and governers, as they failed to notify the Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal of the State of Veracruz (TECA) of its decision to approve the payment of One million 341 thousand 672 pesos, for a grant of a worker for seven years. Port officials now have to “take care of themselves,” otherwise SSP Veracruz staff could execute an administrative arrest warrant for 10 hours. The question will be: Who was to blame for this not being notified to the TECA)? Was it a political vendetta of the former legal and syndicate proxy, who on previous occasions denounced gender-based political violence? Or was it an administrative and legal “neglect”?
A SIMO survey conducted for El País found that 68 percent of the Mexican population believes that gender-based violence has increased markedly in the past year. As these numbers become known, in Michoacán, internal conflicts in political parties increase considerably, mainly in the imposition of male candidates, and leaving out women of this opportunity. The disbandment grows day by day, and this goes beyond colors or ideals.
In Lázaro Cárdenas they seem to have no historical memory, and the mining sector (the one who suffered a violent act in the government of former Governor Lázaro Cárdenas Batel, who is the current coordinator of advisors of the Government of Mexico) will support Morena for a re-election of mayor María Itzé Camacho Zapién, who goes hand in hand with the aspirant to the federal provincial council by District 1, the former governor Leonel Goy.
In Morelia, the fight between the aspirants (men) to lead the candidacy for mayor for the Icing party follows; Similar case lives Tarímbaro, where of 20 applicants registered to compete for the municipal presidency, Paulina Colón Montes, a young student, seeks to break the cacicazgo of more than 15 years in this demarcation, which has only changed color, and who recently suffered a significant human loss. In #Tlalpujahua they do not even contemplate in their paintings a woman, since the inner struggle is more engaged between “chapulines”.

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