translated from Spanish: Government by election in two days: «It would be absurd if we did not take a measure to ensure that everyone can vote»

During this day the spokesman for Government, Jaime Bellolio, referred to the draft election in two days and stated that it would be «absurd» that no action be taken to ensure that «everyone can vote». According to the initiative, it aims to make the April elections Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 and the Secretary of State noted that «it would be completely absurd if we did not take a measure that can ensure that all people can vote. If it takes more than 4 minutes for people to vote, there can be atochamientos, crowds, which can not only help more contagion, but people who cannot vote and that would be a very negative thing for democracy in our country.» That is why we ask congress to approve the vote in two days where we will of course ensure that the ballot boxes are well guarded, that during Saturday there may be special and preferential schedules for older adults for chronic diseases, so that there is health and public security and a very high vote, a very high participation. That’s what we’re looking for as a government and we expect it to be approved in Congress,» he said. Bellolio further asserted that «I believe that more mistrust would lead us to arrive on a Sunday where a relevant percentage of people could not vote, that is a problem that if we do not do the vote in two days could be generated, we believe that it is very relevant that everyone can have the confidence to go to vote, that it is a transparent vote , safe.»

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