translated from Spanish: Lía Crucet lost 60 kilos and worries about her health

The information came from Daniel Ambrosino, in America News, where she reported that the popular singer Lía Crucet, was interned due to her husband’s concern for an abruptly heavy decenso of recent months. The singer, dropped 60 kilos and on account is unrecognizable, in addition, Lía presented an unusual cough so they had to swab it by protocol. Fortunately the result was negative, but they detected lung pneumonia that was treated and from which it is recovered. To rule out, some other health problem, doctors decided to give you a battery of studies that could determine why the weight loss. She also went to the doctor who treated her when the artist suffered from uterine cancer in 2012, but they ruled out that this was the reason for the sudden thinness. 

For the time being, the singer is at home, again and must, on medical advice stop smoking. Let us remember that last year, his daughter Karina, with whom he is having a confrontation, had told the media that his mother suffered from chronic ezchyzophrenia and delusions, something that Lía quickly went out to deny. 

Original source in Spanish

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