translated from Spanish: Registration of complaints against judges without gender perspective, candidates for the Ministry of Justice, Pizzi against the leadership of Racing and more…

1. Demand for meat in the domestic market fell by 10.5%

The contraction is explained by the drop in purchasing power, enhanced by the highest level of unemployment, that brings families off the market. I kept reading here… 2. Who are the two candidates who are profiled to replace Marcela Losardo?

Martín Soria and Ramiro Gutiérrez are the two names that President Alberto Fernández thinks to take over the Ministry of Justice. I kept reading here… 3. Currents: Why did Ricardo Cardozo carry doses of Sputnik V in his car?

The minister of public health of the province collided after suffering a decompensation on the way to the city of Goya. I kept reading here… 4. Create a Register of Complaints against Judges Without a Gender Perspective

On Monday, the Council of the Magistracy approved the creation of a “Public Record of Complaints” and medical leave by birth and care for pregnant and non-pregnant people. I kept reading here… 5. Meet APRANI, the animal protective NGO that uses alternative therapies

From a corner house in the town of Francisco Alvarez, Moreno, they provide attention to more than 200 dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, turtles and pigs. I kept reading here… 6. Meghan Markle’s father targeted his daughter and backed the Crown

Thomas, who is not the first time to be critical of the American actress, was disappointed by the interview given. I kept reading here… 7. After date 4, this is how the Professional League Cup leaderboard remained

Columbus leads Zone A with perfect score, while Lanús, Independiente and Vélez share the first place in Zone B. I kept reading here… 8. Juan Antonio Pizzi took a bill to Racing management for lack of backup

After the first Win in the Professional League Cup, the coach assured that he did not think of resigning and said he would have liked more institutional support following the goal suffered against River. I kept reading here… 9. What Gua Sha is and what is the aesthetic method that Andrea Frigerio, La China Suarez and Betina Frumboli used for

It is a non-invasive treatment that is performed with essential oils and manual maneuvers, and serves to give greater vitality to our skin. I kept reading here… 10. Eugenia Tobal’s excitement in talking about her struggle to be a mom

The actress talked about her motherhood on the floor of Jey Mammon’s show. I kept reading here…

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