translated from Spanish: Felipe Solá: «I see a Latin America very divided and very ideologicalized»

Argentine Chancellor Felipe Solá spoke out as part of the meeting «Towards the Construction of Welfare States in the Americas III» from which he set a priority «a greater unit in Latin America to fight for the vaccine and achieve better conditions for the region».» The general conditions of the pandemic have forced much more to be issued, for the state to pay part of the payroll of many companies, to make emergency income for the family, etc.» marked the official as reported by the Chancellery in a statement. In this line he added that «to a greater or lesser extent all governments have been responding,» but warned that «post-pandemic also requires very great help to start the economy.»

«From the point of view of vaccines and from the economies, I see a very divided and highly ideological Latin America, and that every time I had to discuss actions of cooperation, integration between them, or even how to deal with the pandemic together, I would re-discuss Venezuela, as if it were the most important threat to all of South America,» he said. In line with this, he stated that «the region thus divided is not prepared to react more or less jointly to the pandemic and post-pandemic. To do this we need to achieve levels of unity generated by the situation and not by ideological reasons.» Latin America and the Caribbean do not have the amount of coronavirus vaccines needed. 

Until the end of last week, the region had received 37 million doses for 630 million people. The figure is enough to administer less than 6 doses per 100 inhabitants: maintaining a criterion of two per person, today the region can immunize 2.8% of its population. In addition, 87% of doses are in the hands of only four countries: Brazil (15 million), Chile (8.6 million), Mexico and Argentina (4 million). 
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