translated from Spanish: VIP Vaccine: Beatriz Sarlo declares as a witness in the case

Journalist and writer Beatriz Sarlo will appear in the courts of Comodoro Py before investigating judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti to testify as a witness in the case investigated by prosecutor Eduardo Taiano.Weeks before the case known as «VIP vaccination» erupted, Sarlo said in a journalistic interview that she had been offered «below the table» to be vaccinated in that system of privilege for officials and relatives. Faced with the offer, Sarlo said: «I would never do that. I’d rather drown in covid.» 

Capuchetti gathered complaints from a number of people who were vaccinated without respecting the protocols or priorities set out according to vaccines entering the country. Taiano imputed in the case the former Minister of Health of the Ginés González García Nation and several members of his area. The prosecutor expanded the list of defendants and asked for Sarlo’s statement to know details about the contact he had when he was offered the vaccine.

Several witnesses have already tested in the case who gave details of the existence of the VIP vaccination. The director of the Posadas de Haedo National Hospital, Alberto Maceira, admitted that there were two operatives to vaccinate people recommended by authorities of the Ministry of Health of the Nation. He also added that journalist Horacio Verbitsky and Kirchnerist legislators Eduardo Valdés and Jorge Taiana were vaccinated in the offices of former Health Minister Horacio Verbitsky.

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