translated from Spanish: White car assailant strikes again in Mazatlan

Mazatlan. In less than 24 hours, the assailant fleeing in a white car struck again against a self-service store. The report of the robbery was recorded at approximately 22:00 on Tuesday, March 9. The suspect docked at a shop on Munich Avenue and Las Torres, in the Jaripillo colony, opposite the football fields.
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The information obtained about this robbery violently indicates that the offender carries a firearm, with which he threatens employees. The guy wears a black cap and cover so he doesn’t get identified. Read more: The official porra of the Mazatlan football team denounces police abuseIn the heist he committed last night, he got a loot of 2,300 pesos. Data indicate he boarded a white Nissan March car and set out on the run. Municipal police officers were alerted to the robbery, but failed to arrest him.

According to early research, it would be the same as Monday night the shop located on Acapulco Avenue, in the Mazatlan II colony, from where it obtained a loot of 2 thousand pesos. Read more: Tourist is sexually attacked by service presenter on Mazatlan beach

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Original source in Spanish

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