translated from Spanish: Decreases US requirements for nursing home visits

Washington.- The U.S. Government relaxed its recommendations for visits to senior residences, restricted since the outbreak a year ago of the Covid-19 pandemic.The new recommendations, made public by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), indicate that, thanks to vaccination levels in residences , visits in their indoor spaces can now resume in most cases.
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In the United States, nearly 175,000 of the 530,000 deaths (one in three) recorded by covid-19 have occurred in such facilities. Read more: Donald Trump: If I hadn’t been president, the US would not have been president. The CDC would never have had the vaccineThe CDC advises residences to allow visits «at all times and for all residents», although they cite some exceptions and also say that it is preferable that visits, where possible, be outdoors.

What the authorities discourage is visits to residents who are not fully vaccinated and who live in residences with less than 70% of immunized residents. Visits to residences in areas with more than 10% positivity are also discouraged because of the high incidence of the virus. Visits to covid-19 patients or quarantined persons are also not recommended in the U.S. These non-compliance tips come two days after the CDC also published its expected recommendations for Covid-19 vaccinated people.According to these protocols, vaccinated people may be with others immunized in closed places and without a mask, but in small groups, and are advised. The United States is in a massive vaccination campaign against the disease, following the authorization of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson serums: the first two require two doses and the third only one. Read more: The Senate confirms Merrick Garland as U.S. attorney generalOne 62.5 million people (19% of the population) have already received at least one dose in this country, of which 32.9 million (9.9%) are already completely inoculated. Some 3.7 million of these doses have been earmarked for senior households, whether resident or staff, representing a majority of their users. 

«The Kingdom», symbol of bravery in the 8M march.

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