translated from Spanish: Nicolas Kreplak: «the case curve stopped descending, that’s worrying»

The province of Buenos Aires is advancing at a vaccination rate of 50,000 people per day. This was pronounced by the district’s Deputy Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, who acknowledged that there are «more than 560 vaccination centres at the moment and we have the possibility to expand it further.» «You see people happy with the arrival of the vaccine,» he said, while considering that having more doses said that «we can vaccinate based on the rate that the number of vaccines demands of us.» Asked about the new strains of coronavirus, the official marked that «if one looks at the graphs of what is happening in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, we are delaying the start of the second wave».

«Argentina is not yet reflecting the increase in cases but stopped going down, we are on a kind of plateau but quite high, much higher than what was the end of November and early December,» he said. «Every day we win and get the curve down, these are days we win and we can vaccinate more people. Yesterday we had 3,000 cases and vaccinated 50,000 people. Every day we win is life,» he said. Seeking to avoid a coronavirus regrowth in Argentina in general and in the case of the most populous district in particular, the authorities of the province of Buenos Aires announced that they were evaluating new prevention measures regarding the circulation of the strains detected in the south of the region. In this regard, the Minister of Health of Bonaerense, Daniel Gollan, also advanced in the context of a press conference held a few moments ago, part of the measures that the Government intends to implement.

Finally, consulted on the shift allocation system, as well as immunization for older adults, Kreplak commented that «the sinopharm vaccine cannot be applied in over 60s». «Now, this is not a competition. It’s not a subject he signed up for first. Within each risk group we’re going to get around, randomly. If someone signed up longer, the truth is that they don’t, it doesn’t correspond. It’s only a matter of time before it sounds ugly, but it’s going to touch them,» the deputy minister closed. 

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