translated from Spanish: Piñera conmemored three years of government and announced a new bonus for the middle class of up to $600,000

«The last 18 months have been very hard, for the families, the government and also for this president,» Sebastián Piñera said during a ceremony to commemorate the fulfillment of his three years of government. At the beginning of his speech, he referred to the complexities of his period. «We have had to face and live with the face of adversity. An irrational wave of destructive violence, the very serious pandemic of the coronavirus, the deep recession of the world economy, have shocked us.» In addition, it made three financial aid announcements for middle-class sectors. The first was the 2021 Middle Class Bonus corresponding to 400 thousand pesos, being able to climb if children, people with disabilities or older adults live in the home. Among the requirements, individuals must have formal incomes between 400 thousand and 2 million pesos with a drop in income of at least 30%. In addition, those with incomes between the minimum wage and 400 thousand pesos will be incorporated, without the requirement of falling remuneration. Second, Piñera unveiled the Solidarity Loans for the Middle Class, intended for people who have recorded a fall in formal income of at least 30%. The amount to be requested will be 100% of the fall in formal remuneration, with a maximum cap of 650 thousand per 3 times. And finally he announced the availability of 50,000 new lease subsidies, covering up to 250,000 pesos for a period of 3 months.

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