translated from Spanish: Report work harassment and diversion of Tec de Culiacán resources

Sinaloa.- Workers of the Instituto Tecnológico de Culiacán, demonstrated at the institution’s facilities to request the dismissal of the director due to diversion of resources and work harassment. Protesters placed canvases at the entrance of the institution where they make the accusations towards director Norman Salvador Elenes Uriarte. Gorge Luis Leal Rendón, secretary general of the D592 delegation of the culiacán technology, noted that a diversion of funds of the institution’s own, worth more than 500 thousand pesos, was discovered.
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Read more: They will pay motorcycles that were stolen in 2020 from the pension of the City Council of CuliacánMismo resource that was coincidentally sent to the general secretary of the Director General of the National Technological Institute of Mexico. It stated that at least 20 technologys had been found to make ‘donations’ to individuals, related to the director of the National Technology.

«Nomamas contributions were made from Tec de Culiacán, it was like about 20 Tec, I think, who made contributions to TecNM to different people but culiacán’s tec contributed 506 thousand pesos and puppy to an account of an individual who does not provide services to Tec de Culiacán, that person to which they deposited, turned out to be the private secretary of the director general of national technology of Mexico.»

He stated that the Director General of the National Technology had been in Sinaloa and Culiacán but had not been concerned with visiting the campus facilities much less than talking to the workers.

Original source in Spanish

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