translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Wounded street dog entered a veterinary clinic by himself and “asked for help”

An injured stray dog went viral in Brazil, after he entered a veterinary clinic in Ceará.La image was captured last Saturday by the security cameras of the establishment and in them it looks like the animal entered limping into the enclosure, where the veterinarian who was in the place and staff of the clinic noticed the situation. The animal, after entering the enclosure, leaned against one of the walls and began to stretch one of its legs, with obvious signs of pain. Dayse Silva, the veterinarian who cared for the dog, told G1 Globo, who may have entered the smell of the other animals that remained inside the clinic.” He came quietly, showed his paw and I went to see what was going on and soon I realized that he had bleeding in the penile area, but there was a much bigger problem that we only diagnosed afterwards: a transmissible venereal tumor, common in street animals. He also had a nail-injury,” Silva explained. He’ll get chemotherapy treatment then he’ll be put up for adoption, the vet said. “I am very happy to be able to help. It is a common practice in my clinic, if God allows us to find a very good home,” said Silva, who is part of an animal protection association and, on the outskirts of his clinic, usually put water and food for stray animals. 

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